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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 15, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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'nuff said, carlinda. come on, kip. i wish there were more goblets. captioning sponsored by 20th century fox television captioned by media access group at wgbh a giant match up one week from today at candle stick. the san francisco 49ers face off against the new york giants in a battle for the nfc championship and a spot in the super bowl. good evening everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. it's been a while. the last time the 49ers hosted
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a game was 1988. the niners battle the green bay packers for the right to move on in the super bowl but lost 23-10. tonight a new team is looking forward to a new shot in the super bowl and the start of a new era. but first the 49ers have to get past the new york giants. >> they certainly do. and our joe fonzi joins us now to tell us just how the final pieces fell into place. interesting that we are talking about the green bay packers, because they were the favorite to win the game. the new york giants are playing their best at the right time of the year. they also had one big play on their side. eli manning let go at the past. generally referred to as the hail marry. the prayers answered, hicks
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able to grab the ball. giants take a lead at the quarterback. aaron rogers was nearly perfect all year. recovered by new york's deon branch, the packers lost three fumbles in the day. the defending champions lose. the same place the giants visited on november 13th, this alex smith to vernon davis pass put the 49ers in the end zone. the 49ers were playing to a 27- 20 lead late in the game when smith swatted down a pass on first down and preserved the win for san francisco. at that point the 49ers were 8- 1 or beginning to be taken seriously on a national level. well they're taking a lot seriously now. a rematch and the 49ers will be
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headed to super bowl xlvi. >> awesome. >> more to come in sports. the team's on the field success certainly translates into big bucks off the field with san francisco cashing in on the super bowl quest. janine de la vega is live where she found out about the -- patti lee is live where she found out about a get away special and tickets for the play off game. >> reporter: there's the emotional impact a winning football team has on a city. >> incredible, just freaking incredible. >> reporter: then there's economic impact. with the 49ers set to play the giants next sunday, local businesses are vamping up. >> we're certainly expecting a growing occupancy.
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>> reporter: the director of operations at the intercontinental san francisco says his hotel is already preparing for an on slot of football fans. >> we know fans from both teams are already looking into the best deals. so we're very happy to welcome them next weekend. >> reporter: in union city, the owner of a printing company awaits a shipment of shirts. >> screens ready to go, have the machine ready set up ready to print. so the minute the 49ers win the game we'll be printing within minutes after that. >> reporter: we went online and saw people offering play off tickets at candlelight park. >> we're going to head home tomorrow. >> reporter: barrett and his
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wife flew in for the saints game. the team paying it forward will pay off with a super bowl title. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee. all right, so here are the details you need to know for sunday's nfc championship game between our very own 49ers and giants. kick off at candle stick is set for 3:30 p.m. sunday. you can watch it right here. immediately following the game be sure to stick around for the point after. we have a page dedicated to the 49ers play off run. there's a link to submit your game photos. a georgia man claims he and his friend were shot outside an applebee's restaurant. he says he was cheering on the
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49ers when he got into an altercation against a saints fan. adam was not seriously hurt but his friend was critically wounded. officers made an arrest shortly after. jade hernandez just spoke to police and she also knows a little bit more about what police are now telling her about the suspect and that he had a loaded gun. >> reporter: we're live at police headquarters where this investigation is being handled by police. this officer involved shooting happened just two miles away in a neighborhood. santa clara police at about 10:00 p.m. says one of his officers noticed what he believed to be an impaired driver right here at this intersection. >> something went wrong in
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between the officer and the driver where the officer believed he needed special units to help him. >> reporter: lieutenant clark says the officer saw a driver reach for a gun. police recovered a loaded gun. lieutenant clark says the officer reacted to protocall when dealing with a possible drunk driver. >> it's not uncommon where an officer is calling for a second or third unit to stand by. >> i saw some of the police officers carrying assault rifles. i assumed it was probably pretty serious. >> reporter: this neighbor told us police went door to door asking neighbors questions. >> there's been commotion with maybe alcohol related situations, domestic situations, nothing that extensive. >> i used to live in that duplex right over there. one of my friends called and said there's a shooting.
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>> reporter: he says he walks in the neighborhood every night and would not expect an investigation to be centered here. police will only say that the man shot and killed was from santa clara. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu. san leandro police arrested a man that opened fire. barrett used a gun during a family dispute this afternoon and then fled. the violence erupted inside a home on west 103rd avenue just before noon. barrett used a gun while his brother's girlfriend tried to move out of their home. authorities are looking for a woman who fled a san francisco apartment building after it caught fire. as allie rasmus told us flames were pouring out of the three story building when firefighters arrived. >> after about a few minutes, after the fire trucks got here,
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the windows started to break and flames start -- started to come out of the window. the fire started at 2:30 in the morning. by the time firefighters had arrived the flames had spread throughout the entire building. >> it was clear the third story was on fire. >> reporter: so far the fire appears to be an accident but the woman who lives here panicked when the fire started and took off running. >> she did try to stop the fire by herself first using water from the sink then a fire hose, but the fire was growing too fast and she fled. >> reporter: two firefighters suffered minor burns but are expected to be okay. the flames didn't spread to the homes on either side of the building but firefighters did have to cut through the
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neighbor's walls to get access to the fire. the damage forced several neighbors out of their hopes this morning. now five adults and a baby need a new place to live. but this neighbor says she's looking at the big picture. >> all in all, only a building was burned and everything is okay so in that sense i'm very grateful. >> reporter: now she hopes investigators police can find her neighbor that ran away to get her some help. vacaville police are investigating an accident involving a fire truck. fire officials say a battalion chief was on his way to the station when he was cut off by another driver. an infant in the backseat was unharmed. oakland police are looking for a teenaged boy who allegedly sexually assaulted at least two women in recent weeks. the first attack occurred on january 6 around 10:00 p.m. on the 1200 block of market
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street. just six days later another woman reported being sexually assaulted in the 600 block of 11th street. police say the suspect in both of those cases is 14-year-old brian glasburg. he is described as african american, weighing 110-pound with black hair and brown eyes. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. police in san rafael are asking anyone who witnessed an accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian to come forward. the accident happened around 9:30 last night on second street near the intersection of g street. police say a 90-year-old woman driving a sack struck and killed a san rafael man. he's described as a 49-year-old man. neither the name of the victim or driver has been released. if he were still alive, martin luther king jr. would have turned 83 years old. to honor the civil leader a
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wreath was placed. tomorrow is martin luther king jr. day a national holiday to mark the event, the king center is putting online thousands of documents relating to king's life. they include photos, his i have a dream speech. many of his sermons and his noble prize speech. there will be many celebrations in honor of martin luther king's birthday. there were also poetry readings and plenty of music. >> martin luther king was one of the most important peacemakers we've ever had any my time. the world is a lot better off because he came at a historical moment and set things in motion. >> reverend williams was appointed by dr. king's widow
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as the northern chair of martin luther king observances. the freedom train is scheduled to departisan jose for san francisco at 9:30 tomorrow morning at the d era don cal station. it will stop in sunny vale, palo alto and san mateo along the way. the train distance is set to commemorate the same distance martin luther king marched. there are plenty of events planned for tomorrow. for a full list be sure to go to our website and click on the link. an emotional reunion in the east bay where a man meets the family of a homicide victim who gave him the gift of life.
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a major development to tell you about. huntsman picked up a big endorsement. but the bigger announcement he's supposed to make tomorrow.
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right now fire crews remaim -- remain on the scene of a
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three alarm fire. this fire was first reported tonight. when they arrived on scene they found a stubborn fire burning in a three story residential building that contains four separate apartments. firefighters though say everyone was able to get out safely. no word yet on what caused the fire or if any of those residents will be able to return to their apartments tonight. the family of a young bay area man shot and killed right before the holidays met today with one of the recipients of a life saving organ transplant. the family met in a reunion. >> reporter: debra murphy embraces the mother who lost her son right before if holidays. >> it means a lot to me.
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i'm really thankful for the family, getting a liver for me. and i get to watch my family grow up. >> this is bittersweet. but this is a great moment. >> reporter: 23-year-old butler was gunned down december 22nd on his way to a store in oakland. police are still looking for his shooter. but today is all about celebrating life. and somehow making his violent death meaningful. >> i totally understand that the ending of those who fulled the trigger in some way are victims although we want them held responsible for their actions they too are in a lot of way the victim when they get to the point of shooting and killing someone for such a senseless reason. >> reporter: the family is donating money to help seamen and shore man. a program that butler just finished before he was killed. >> it had me real overwhelmed.
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but now that i think about it. he spoke somebody in my life that makes me want to keep going and continue with this program. >> reporter: you can help the butler scholarship by donating. about 100 officers in riot gear stood guard near frank agawa plaza. 125 people took part of the march through city streets. this is the second weekend in a row occupy protesters gathered for a march in oakland. last night's demonstration was pretty much peaceful expect for two arrests. labor rights activists held a rally with local union leaders. one teamster who spoke to the crowd said many truck drivers doing business in the port of
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oakland face struggled. >> they take these jobs, sometimes after they learn how much they will get paid for them. turning now to election 2012 and the field of gop candidates will narrow by at least one tomorrow. a senior campaign official for john huntsman said today that the former utah governor informed him and other campaign advisors that he is dropping out of the race. this is despite a very important endorsement today from south carolina's biggest newspaper. huntsman is now expected to endorse mitt romney. he had been campaigning without any signs of dropping out. meantime, newt gingrich says he is the only viable alternative to the former massachusetts governor. and that voters need to rally around him. >> and i'm the one person who has a realistic chance of
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defeating him here. i hope people realize that voting for anyone other than gingrich -- candidate rick santorum doesn't believe the race ends with south carolina. he's vowing to continue beyond that race and try to convince voters that he's the conservative alternative to romney. >> we feel once this race narrows and we get it down to a two person race, we have a good chance of winning the race. >> he won the support of evangelical leaders in texas yesterday. rick perry is thinking ahead to the virginia race.
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last friday a judge said the candidates waited too long to file a complaint against the state's qualifying law. ocampo was arrested sunday after he was chased down following the slaying of a fourth homeless man. ocampo's father said his son entered the marine corp. in 2006 and was discharged in 2010. the father said his son's hands shook and his hands shook heavily. the young man told a cousin, i did something terrible, end quote. the first killing in orange county took place on december 20th. it appears computer hackers got ahold of the twitter account. this morning, someone posted racist and home phobic tweets as well as comments such as the
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new york postrules. huffington postofficials have not commented on the apparent hack. the website hulu is set to broadcast the first scripted series. it's a political comedy following a democratic seat in wisconsin. the series was created by j.d. walt. the death toll now stands at five and 15 people. including two americans are still missing following the capsizing of a cruise liner off the coast of italy. the captain may have been showing off when he steered the ship too close to shore. the search continues for the missing. >> hoping to pull more survivors than victims from the
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cold mediterranean waters, workers continuing the pain staking work. >> the main difficulties are the understood water searches. very close to going 229 feet. >> reporter: still unaccounted for two crew members and two americans. crew members are still aware of the danger. >> if the ship were to shift, it could cause serious damage to the crew members. >> many looking to their captain for instruction. but the captain allegedly was nowhere to be found. italian officials now building a case against him hoping black box recordings just recovered with navigational details will provide more insight into what happened. one coast guard commander saying he asked the captain to
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return to his ship and honor his duty to stay aboard until everyone else was off the vessel. but that he was ignored. the ship's captain speaking out before his arrest. >> you need to make a decision in the moment under pressure. under cool headedness deciding what the best step to take. >> in porto santo stephano. a welcomed sight in alaska today. what a russian tanker is bringing to a remote town that's facing a harsh winter. the lake tahoe area steps up its bids to bringing the olympics back to the sierra. just who's getting involved. get ready for another cold morning. see the areas that will be in the upper 20s for monday. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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educators and child care advocates are criticizing governor jerry brown's proposal to eliminate transitional kindergarten. brown would save $123 million by cutting transitional kindergarten. but that would shut out tens of thousands of children from public education. in news of the world tonight in iraq at least seven police officers were killed today when sunni insurgents detonated suicide bombs. vie lent has surged since u.s. troops left iraq. just yesterday at least 53
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shiite april yams were killed in iraq. the red cross says a 140 truck convoy carrying 3,500- tons of food and planting seeds has been held up now for a month. a u.n. spokesman says tens of thousands of people will have died of starvation before the famine in africa ends. malnutrition rates which were up to 50% have begun to drop but the crisis is likely to continue for the next six or seven months. in france, a pair of pandas in china are getting comfortable in a new home in a paris zoo. one z and 11 arrived today via a special panda express plane. the two are on loan and will stay for a year. officials hope the pandas will breed during their stay in paris. come tomorrow 4,500 people living in a remote area in alaska should get much needed fuel as they face what is said
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one of the most severe winters in decade. a russian tanker carrying fuel made it there this weekend just a half mile away from noms harbor. a storm in november prevented the area from getting any fuel deliveries without help, fuel supplies were expected to run out well before the next planned barge delivery this summer. a different type of loss for a bay area softball league. what was stolen from here that has them asking for help and the support already coming in. looking for love in san francisco? find out where the city ranks as far as best cities to find a date. it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99.
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our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. now get twice the data for the same low price. hurry in, this offer ends january 15th. verizon. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash.
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that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. stealing second base took on a whole new means for a bay
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area league softball league. a thief swapped the bases and much more and now those young players may not be able to hit the field. these young east bay players are used to grounding balls not questions about their baseball field. >> why would they do that? they just don't want us to play i guess. >> reporter: they broke the handle that was in here. >> reporter: thieves broke in and got off with $14,000 worth of equipment including bat, balls and bases. >> they don't realize what they're doing to the city and to these little girls who are expecting to be able to play softball in the next few weeks. >> reporter: girls such as 9- year-old twins cierra and trinity. >> probably the most upsetting that they busted the door open and took all of our equipment
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and now that we can't play, we don't really have that much equipment this year. while players bring their own gloves, the team supplies the equipment for teams with players age 4 to 14. all but two of the 16 equipment bags in the shed were taken. >> it may push back the practice start date. it may push back our practice start day of the season just because we don't have the equipment to get them going. >> reporter: used bats are already part of the equipment donated from newark and alameda as well as $100 million pledged from chicago and alameda. they still need help getting catchers gear and helmets and hope to have everything in time for opening day in march. maureen naylor, ktvu news. there's a new push to bring the winter games back to reno. members of the board hope to
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make the reno lake tahoe area host of the 2022 winter olympics. the winter games in reno was back in 1960. according to the daily beast, san francisco is in the number eight spot out of 25. a list shows that 61% of san francisco's population is single with an average salary of $60,000 a year. atlanta believe it or not is in the number one position followed by gainesville florida and beautiful lincoln nebraska. hundreds of people came together in san francisco's little saigon to mark the beginning of the chinese new year. today's celebration comes a few days early so people can spend
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time with their family on the eve of the actual day january 23rd. new baby bison have been added to the herd. now this comes just a week after a baby bison died after running into a fence while being chased by a dog. the park is working to protect the bison which are north america's largest land animal. a very large owl is attracting attention. it's a gray owl that's not normally seen in the area. usually remains in the far north but it turned out in southwest ontario over christmas. bird watchers are traveling to get a glimpse. >> just so majestic looking. you know just very, very regal looking. those eyes. >> reporter: the great gray is the largest owl on earth. these owls are often 2.5 feet
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tall with a wingspan of four to 5 feet. the silent film the artist. >> it made the most noise at the golden globe ceremony in beverly hills tonight. >> reporter: composer vanborgue won an award for best composed music. the film lost out though on best screen play to woody allen's midnight in paris. a few of the other winners include martin scorsese for best director, george clooney for best actor, and meryl streep for best actress. how about the afc championship game? the play by the ravens that kept the possibility of an all harbaugh super bowl alive. we heard about cold weather but meteorologist mark tamayo tells us about the chances of some rain in the bay area today. - - bay area this weekend.
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big changes today across the bay area with partly cloudy skies, cooler temperatures and gusty winds. as the winds back off throughout the evening hours, temperatures already cooling off. pretty chilly out toward napa and fairfield already back down into the upper 30s at this hour. san francisco mid-40s and san jose in the 40s as well. take a look out across the bay as we look here with thesetting sun. even reports of some sprinkles. but nothing too significant. we could be tracking significant rain for the upcoming week. tomorrow morning you definitely want to bundle up. very cold out there.
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coolest locations will be in the upper 20s out toward napa and fairfield. san jose 54 and san francisco 46 degrees. tuesday daze morning that will be the coolest day of the week. a freeze watch, this kicks in monday evening lasting through tuesday morning. tuesday morning lows the coolest locations will be in the lower 20s. especially for the inland bay valleys out toward napa and fairfield. once again sub freezing temperatures for a good portion of the bay area. at least right around freezing as we do head into a tuesday pork. but - - tuesday morning. after that cold start more sunshine for tomorrow afternoon. the dry weather pattern remains in train. but i'm tracking developments out here in the pacific. a series of storms that will impact our forecast later this week. wednesday we bring in the chance of showers mainly up in the north bay. thursday rainfall becoming a
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bit more likely. by friday, a stronger storm moving in from that flow, we could be tracking heavy rain and gusty winds and we're still going to hang on to shower chances next weekend as well. here we go with the updated forecast model, we are dry tomorrow and into tuesday. as we take this into wednesday, notice what happens wednesday afternoon. we bring in shower chances mainly north of the golden gate bridge. then by wednesday night we could be tracking more rainfall. more sunshine into the afternoon hours, and temperatures mainly in the mid- 50s. no more 70s. no more 60s, the warmest locations around 54 to 56 degrees. you will notice this, two more dry days by wednesday we do bring a chance of a shower, rainfall likely as we head into thursday. friday that could be the biggest deal with heavy rain. storm winds. that's a real wenter storm
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approaching the -- winter storm approaching the system. we could be in between systems so still way too far to be talking about. a chance of a shower. so dust off that rain jacket. >> we're going to be filling up those rain buckets. >> that sounds good, yeah. and find out 49er pass that helped secure the win.
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